Chapter Philanthropy and Service

Tri Delta Gamma Kappa and St. Jude

Wake Forest students uphold daily the school’s motto of Pro Humanitate, and members of Tri Delta are no exception with their love for philanthropy and sincere devotion to St. Jude.  Each semester, the Gamma Kappa chapter sponsors several fundraising events to spread St. Jude awareness throughout the Wake Forest community.

Every February, members of Gamma Kappa come together for the Sincerely Yours Letter writing campaign. Tri Deltas eat dinner, watch videos about St. Jude, and write fundraising letters to friends and family. This past year, Gamma Kappa wrote over 5,000 letters that were sent all over the United States.

Later in the spring, Gamma Kappa organizes an event to bring members of our campus together to help us raise money and awareness for St. Jude. This past year, we held our first annual "Cookout For the Kids." On a sunny afternoon in April, members sold tickets to their friends who then joined us in Kitchin Courtyard to enjoy a barbeque complete with live music, yard games, and yummy desserts. This fun and casual events helped raise over $2,000 in the Spring of 2017!

Finally, in the fall, Gamma Kappa hosts a Family Weekend Auction to raise money for the kids at St. Jude. Started in 2012 as a fundraiser for a sister battling lymphoma—who now celebrates a full recovery, the auction has since transformed into an annual St. Jude fundraiser. Family members from all different cities and states gather on campus to meet other Tri Delta families and bid on items donated by local Winston-Salem businesses.

These large events all occur alongside small benefit events that the Gamma Kappa chapter holds throughout the year. On specific nights each semester, Gamma Kappa partners with businesses run by our own members or local organizations, all of whom have agreed to donate a portion of their profits to the children at St. Jude. In past years our partnerships with Chipotle, The Porch, Bevello, Mayberry, and Noonday Collection have allowed us to welcome our friends into our fundraising efforts. 

This past year alone, our chapter raised over $80,000 for St. Jude. In the next 10 years, members are excited to work toward Tri Delta's nation-wide goal of raising $60 million. While St. Jude has found a cure for 80% of childhood cancers, there are still many discoveries to be made. Gamma Kappa continues to raise money for that 20% that are yet to be cured. Who knows, maybe someday one of those St. Jude patients will be Demon Deacon, too! 

Mary Kinney, Philanthropy Chair