Chapter Sisterhood

If you were to ask any one of us what sisterhood means to them, you would get a wide variety of answers. “Sisterhood is…” is a phrase we sometimes like to joke about, but has impacted each of us in a way that is hard to describe. Sisterhood is… a sense of belonging and comfort, a hug when someone is down, racing across the quad to bring someone a calculator before their stats exam, taking up all the front rows of the Banshee Shows, dancing 12 hours together to raise money for cancer research, blasting music in the barn while we write letters to St. Jude, helping each other become better versions of ourselves, and so much more.

We don’t all look or act the same, and we aren’t all interested in the same things, but we all share a bond because we are involved in an organization that unites us in values we care about. We care about our community, our school, and each other.

When our new members join Tri Delta they are greeted by girls they hardly even know jumping up and down on the quad. When our seniors graduate those same girls are the ones giving speeches and toasting to our seniors’ accomplishments. Each sister walks away from Wake Forest with a strong feeling that they were deeply loved and cherished and challenged by the women who surrounded them every day for their 4 years.

We truly exhibit the three ideals of Delta Delta Delta: Truth, Self-Sacrifice, and Friendship. I am honored that I get to witness this every single day.


-Madison Schneider, VP Chapter Development '17